Thrilling Air Stories! by Jim Steel

Genre: fantasy sci-fi balloons

Tags: fantasy sci-fi balloons

A troubled marriage, and a fondness for balloon flight, leads an assuming man into a warzone!


"He unhooked the seat and was surprised at how fast he rose. He also found that he was heading up at an angle towards the left, despite the apparent lack of any significant wind. His pole came in handy as he pushed himself away from the top of the house across the road, and then he was up and drifting above its roof. He looked back at his own house and noted that there seemed to be nothing wrong with his aerial, which left his poor television reception still somewhat as a mystery. His gutters, however, definitely did need clearing."

Jim Steel is the book reviews editor for Interzone, the longest-running science fiction magazine in Britain. He has been published in a wide variety of places around the world including Science Fiction Eye, The Third Alternative, Albedo One, Dark Horizons, Vector, Back Brain Recluse and The Scotsman, and has also served as a juror for the British Fantasy Awards. Jim has flown in a Hercules and a Bulldog amongst other things, but never suspended in a chair beneath balloons.

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